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GlaziersEdge® Features

Our system provides all the functions you need to automate your retail glass shop. Check out the features and reports we've built into GlaziersEdge. You can install the complete GlaziersEdge system and try it free for 30 days.

Customer and Order Management

Your shop will operate more efficiently when customer records, quotations, orders, invoices, and purchase orders are maintained by GlaziersEdge. Query customers by name, phone, address, order number or order dates. All functions are point and click, easy to access, and require a minimum of keyboard entry. Additional features allow you to:

  • Quickly locate customer quotes, orders, and invoices
  • Reference customer payment and purchase order information
  • Query job site, work schedules, and ship to information 
  • Create sales tax items for all tax authorities where you do business

Quotations and Invoices

Create quotes and invoices quickly and accurately for your customers. All reports are customized with your company information and logo. You can email your quotes, orders, invoices or purchase orders directly from GlaziersEdge with a simple one button click. Progress (lump sum) invoicing is also supported for commercial contracting. GlaziersEdge also supports mobile invoicing via your PayPal or QuickBooks online account. Your customer need not have a PayPal account to pay your invoice with a credit or debit card. Shower diagrams are also provided along with dimensions and specifications.

Custom Price Database

While most generalized software packages support only unit pricing, GlaziersEdge provides seven pricing methods to meet your needs. The GlaziersEdge price database can be easily modified to contain the products and prices unique to your shop. We can import your current products, customers, and vendors to get you up and running quickly. Best of all, your GlaziersEdge database resides on your own computers in your shop and not on an internet server. Check out these features:

  • Product, Labor, Fabrication and Edge Work pricing
  • Price per unit, square foot, united inches and running inches
  • Customer discount levels and product discounting
  • Global percentage price changes
  • Heavy glass (frameless) and standard showers
  • Shop inventory control
  • Bill of material and part number processing
  • Inventory count and valuation

Purchase Orders

Create vendor purchase orders quickly using GlaziersEdge. Purchase orders can be printed, FAXed or emailed directly from GlaziersEdge. You may purchase items directly from your product table or select the vendor purchase table. You can also purchase to stock.

Work Management & Field Service Scheduling

Manage your shop work flow from order desk to job completion. You can quickly check on the status of all work in process. Jobs can be scheduled at the time the order is placed and work schedules can be created for any desired period of time. GlaziersEdge can create calendar entries for all of your staff via either MS-Outlook or Google Calendars. Your field service staff will have all the job information they need on their iPhone or Android smart phone. Our customers report more efficient shop operations and improved customer service.

Sales and Profit Reports

GlaziersEdge includes a complete set of sales reports to help you keep close tabs on your business. Sales reports can be produced over any desired time period. These reports are built into GlaziersEdge:

  • Sales by job category and customer
  • Customer statements
  • Sales by salesmen and customer support representative
  • Profit margins and sales campain reports over any desired period
  • Open invoices with current, 30, 60 and 90 days due

QuickBooks and PeachTree Interfaces

Monitor all your sales using GlaziersEdge predefined accounting codes. Grow your business by tracking sales month-to-month and year-to-year. In addition, you can import your sales and receipts to QuickBooks (desktop or online versions) and PeachTree Accounting.

QuickBooks®  or PeachTree® accounting interfaces are offered as a separate plug-in product for GlaziersEdge users.

Sales Tax, Use Tax and GST/PST

Do you operate in an area with multiple tax agencies and special tax requirements? GlaziersEdge allows you to define any number of tax items and tax groups depending on your specific requirements. We support GST/PST taxes for our Canadian customers and cost based (use tax) which as been adopted in many States.

Additional Features

The GlaziersEdge system also includes:

  • Order and purchase order label printing
  • Scan barcodes and print barcode labels
  • Import sales items from the Internet into any quote or invoice
  • Employee and system administrator security levels
  • Export price tables to MS-Excel or Word documents
  • Email quotes, orders, invoices and purchase orders directly from GlaziersEdge
  • Sync field service schedules with your iPhone, iPad or Android devices
  • Glass weight calculator

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